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Contents insurance

You must be insured to use our facility. You can purchase an appropriate amount of insurance cover alongside your booking. Simply select how much it would cost to replace the value of the items being stored (the maximum value to be stored) and we’ll add the cost of this insurance cover to your bill. It is important that the insurance amount matches the true value of the store items otherwise any claim will be reduced. Please make sure to check the Insurance Terms and Conditions linked at the bottom of this page.
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Please note

You won’t be charged anything until your move in day. Cancel anytime before for free. In addition to the storage and insurance fee, there is a £20 padlock deposit, which is taken automatically and refunded when you vacate the unit and return the key / padlock. Business users need to contact us to confirm the nature of the storage prior to commencement: Most of our storage units are only suited to domestic and office storage. We do not permit storage of Scamblers and Quads or similar.
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20ft (150sqft) Upper Level

Store a 3-bed house from only £75 per month!

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